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What To Look For When Picking Out Air Duct Cleaning Signs Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning.

What To Look For When Picking Out Air Duct Cleaning Signs Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

The signs your air ducts need cleaning are fairly obvious. Even if you're not sure if your air ducts need cleaning, you should be able to tell if signs of debris or buildup exist. If you notice any of the following, it's probably time to give your air ducts a deep cleaning:

  • Dust or debris builds up on the ceiling or walls of your home.

  • Dirt or dust is collecting on your hair or clothing.

  • Your filters are becoming over-fluffed or your air ducts are producing excessive dust.

  • You begin to notice a stale, musty smell in your home.

  • You can see signs of mildew or mold build up on the walls or ceiling.

  • You are having problems with your home's ventilation system.

If you can see signs of dust, debris, or mildew buildup in your air ducts, you should have them cleaned right away. A cleaning can prevent serious problems down the road. If you see signs of dirt buildup in your air ducts, it's definitely time to have them cleaned. Usually, a deep clean is required to get your air ducts back to their healthiest state. If you notice any of the above signs, you should have your air ducts cleaned right away. Air ducts can get filled with all kinds of debris. A good air duct cleaning can help ensure that your air conditioning system is working properly.

How will you know if you should add air duct cleaning to your spring-cleaning checklist?

Now that spring is here, you can finally open your windows and let fresh air in after spending months in your house to keep the cold and snowy weather at bay. If your house is finally opening up to the outside world, don't be surprised if you feel a measure of relief. It might be a sign that your indoor air quality is poor and dirty air ducts are to blame. The air conditioner in your home circulates air throughout all the rooms during the winter to distribute heat. However, the continuous dampness in the winter causes dirt, debris, and moisture to accumulate in your home and eventually enter your air ducts. Once in your ducts, the contaminants become airborne along with the heat, leading to a range of respiratory problems, including cough, shortness of breath, and allergies.

To be honest, how do you know if you need to add air duct cleaning to your spring cleaning list?

Dust, Pet Dander, and Dirt Are All Around You.

Our family's and our furry friends' everyday activities leave a lot of dirt, dust, and dander in our homes, which is tracked around and collected by family and pets. You can spend hours or days wiping down every surface of your home and disposing of excess clutter as part of your spring cleaning, but dirt, dust, and harmful contaminants may still be lingering in your air ducts.

Your dusting job may leave behind a thin film of dust after cleaning. This may be a sign that your air ducts should be cleaned to prevent the contaminants from traveling through your house. You may assess whether your air ducts should be cleaned by looking at your supply and return vent openings. If the inside and the outside of your vents are covered in dirt, they need to be cleaned.

Mold growth

If your ductwork is located in a humid region, condensation may form and lead to the development of mold. When mold appears in your home, it typically manifests itself in the form of an unpleasant, musty odor. You should look for mold in the following areas: underneath sinks, in basements, behind refrigerators, and around your HVAC units. It is best to call a professional to inspect your air ducts if you have experienced heavy rainfall or suspect water damage in your home.

Rising Energy Bills

Your air ducts keep your house at the correct temperature by directing air around it. However, if your ducts are full of debris, those airways become blocked, making it more difficult for the air to flow. As a result, your system has to work harder and more frequently to maintain the desired temperature.

Leaks are not always caused by the accumulation of debris in your system. Any leaks in your ductwork decrease system efficiency and increase your energy bill. An air duct technician can not only clean your ducts of harmful contaminants but also rule out possible leaks.

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